About Us

“Adaptive Solutions for Performance Improvement”

We are a working partnership between former executives of Performance Resource Systems (USA), Performance Motivation Systems (Philippines), and Heritage Group (USA) to research, develop, and sell appropriate job performance improvement resources in Asia that will stimulate employee productivity and corporate profitability for Incentivation Consulting (Asia) and HG Worldwide clients

The 2005 pairing of HG Worldwide and Incentivation Consulting (Asia) has created a “new look corporation” in the Philippines; while remaining an established, two decade old leader in providing incentive marketing options, innovative learning programming, and meeting & travel planning within the very competitive arena of performance improvement. We offer only the finest personalized, quality resources and services to our clients.

For us there is no such thing as an ordinary, “off-the-shelf” solution to your performance improvement needs. Each program is carefully researched and custom designed to meet the needs and objectives of your unique organization!

Why Non-cash Rewards?

By Paul Reed, Director,
Performance Improvement Systems, HG WORLDWIDE

Human behavior is a part of everything we do. We all have our own way of doing things and we become so comfortable with our behavioral patterns, they eventually become our natural inclination. Read more here...

Creating a Performance Program

By Paul Reed, Director,
Performance Improvement Systems, HG WORLDWIDE

There are five (5) critical elements when trying to create a performance program. Read more here...